sis Paula BADEAUX

  Bus coordinator

Sis. Paula Badeaux is our Bus Coordinator. She is responsible for ensuring all 19 buses are on the correct route and have a driver each Sunday morning. She is the dispatch operator for our Sunday School Bus ministry. She has been faithful and dependable to her duties at Life Tabernacle in good times and in bad. 

Sis. Emily holt

Sunday School department chief of staff

Emily Holt is married to BJ Holt and they have three children: Landon, Tucker and Laiken. She has been involved in Sunday School planning and Bus Ministry since Pastor Tony Spell cast his vision for Life Tabernacle's kingdom-building efforts in 2009. She is a patient and confident leader who has a heart for children and Sunday School.

Sis. krystal new

Outreach director

Sis Krystal New is married to Bro. Kris New and they have two children: Kollin and Karter. Sis Krystal joined Life Tabernacle Church and jumped right into Outreach ministry. She has a strong desire to see new souls added to the kingdom and has been a wonderful addition to our team.