LTC Flood Relief / Repair

On August 13th, 2016 our Church was devasted by flooding waters...Initially our church was opened as a shelter on Saturday Morning as our church buses were going out to rescue many people trapped in the rapidly rising waters, but a few hours later our church and Gymnasium began to take in water....Helicopters were brought in to take everyone to shelters...We watched with tears as the waters rose above the church pews and Sunday School classes and Offices were filled with water...Pastor B.A. & Dorothy Spell and Pastor Tony & Shaye Spell have given their Life's work to building this church family...The church was not considered to be in a flood zone and is not covered by flood insurance...We are in desparate need of supplies and food...Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated! We are praying for the many families and churches that have been devastated in our area as well and will do all that we can to help! Pastor B.A. Spell has always been the first to give and help build churches across the world and we want to be a Blessing to this Great Man of God in his desparate time of need! Thank you so much for giving and sharing this link with all of your family and friends...May God Richly Bless You

"If you haven't done so, would you consider giving? Even if it's just $10. Life Tabernacle buses in 500 inner city kids every Sunday, feeds them, teaches them God's word. I've witnessed it many times, first hand! This church has been devastated by this flood. They had insurance but NO flood insurance because the insurance companies would not cover flood insurance after Katrina. I have never, in all my travels, witnessed a family who works as hard as Pastor Tony Spell, his wife Shay, and their kids. They are the real deal!"

  Mark Yandris